Pioneer Cup Format & Rules



·         Regular USGA rules. Play the ball down.  If you have a question consult your opponent and agree on how to proceed.  Be gentlemen, gentlemen!!! 

·         If there is a genuine discrepancy, play a second ball for that hole and the club pro will decide.

·         Alternate Shot – Will be true alternate shot.  Whoever hits last shot on previous hole, other guy tees off the next hole.  When giving a putt, whoever was to hit that putt the other guy will tee off next hole.  On the conceding team, whoever hit last shot period, the other guy tees off.  Drops and penalty strokes do not affect alternating order.

·         Any players that normally play the green (forward) tees may do so, but that must be announced ahead of time so an appropriate handicap can be calculated.  They must then play those tees for the duration of the tournament.


Scoring / Format:

·         Every hole is worth a point.  Tied holes are worth ˝ point. 

·         With 8 man teams, there are a total of 180 points available:

o   Day 1 front – four 9 hole BB matches worth 9 pts each….36 pts total.

o   Day 1 back – four 9 hole Alternate matches worth 9 pts each….36 pts total.

o   Day 2 front – four 9 hole BB matches worth 9 pts each….36 pts total.

o   Day 2 back – Eight 9 hole individual matches worth 9 pts each….72 points total.

·         That’s pretty much it.  Get as many points/holes as you can for your team.

The prior year’s loser needs 90.5 points to take the cup.  The prior year’s winner only needs 90 points to retain the cup.



·         Current indexes will be used to calculate the handicap for the course being played.  Each player will get 80% of that handicap.  Then we will calculate 9 hole handicaps, rounding up or down accordingly.

·         Alternate Shot Hcp will be half of the 2 partners combined 80% hcp.

·         Within each match the player with the lowest hcp will get a zero (0) for that match and all other players in the match will be reduced the same amount.

·         All match scoring will be net scores.