Ryder Cup Rules

Last updated 11/4/21



      ALL PLAYERS will play the green tees on all par 3s (#5, #7, #12 and #17) and the white tees for all other holes, with the exception below.

      Players that regularly play from forward tees (Gold, Green or blended) may do so on all holes.

      Holes 1-6 will be a scramble format. In this format each player hits their tee shot, selects the best shot and both players play their next shot from there. Repeat until the ball is holed.

      Holes 7-12 will be a better ball format. Each player will play their own ball all the way to the hole and the better score of partners will be the team score for each hole.


      Holes 13-18 will be an alternate shot format. Each team will choose one player to tee off all even holes (14, 16 & 18) and the other player will tee off all odd holes (13, 15 & 17). After the tee shot the other player hits the second shot and continue to alternate until the ball is holed.


      On #17 both players will hit tee shots in order to participate in the closest to the pin contest, however you must play the ball of the team member teeing off the odd holes.


      Putt everything out. NO GIMMIES!!


      You may lift, clean and place the ball within 1 club length, no closer to the hole everywhere except in hazards and on the green. You also cannot improve the lie (i.e.: cant go from rough to fairway, etc.)


      When recording scores please list only 1 score per team per hole.


      For lost balls and/or balls hit OB use the league rule, which is mark where the ball was lost or as close as you can. From there you can go backwards in a straight line to where you hit the previous shot and drop anywhere on that line. You will take 1 penalty stroke for the drop.

Example: hit drive OB, drop at OB point and you will be hitting 3rd shot.


      All tie breakers will be match of cards beginning with the first hole.






1st overall $80

2nd overall $50

Format winners $50 each

Closest to the pin on #5 & #17 $30 each


Skins $140 divided by the # of skins


Payouts if there are no skins:


1st overall $100

2nd overall $70

3rd overall $40


Format winners $50

Format runners-up $20


Closest to the pin on #5 & #17 $30 each