2019 Pick-4 Rules
--The fee is 100 clams up front
--Each participant will be responsible to maintain their default picks in the Submit Picks system. If you use your
defaults and there is no game with that number you will get a loss.
--New sheets will be posted each week on Monday (or as soon as lines are available and I can get to it).
--All picks must be submitted, via the "Submit Picks" link on the main web page, by 6pm Thursday evenings or
default #'s will be used.  Exception will be Thanksgiving (week 13), submit picks by 6pm Wednesday that week.
--Instructions for the Submit Picks system can be found at the "Submit Picks Instruction" link on the top left of the
web page.
NOTE:  The Submit Picks system will send a confirmation email. Make sure to save that email in case of any
--The 100 clam fee is broken down as follows:  $5 per week for weekly pots and $15 for year long pot.
There will be 17 weeks starting 9/5 (corresponding with the NFL regular season).
--Weekly pots will be the same every week.  4 correct picks in a week is a win. Ties are a loss.
If more than 1 person wins they will split the pot.
--If there is no winner for a week the pot will carry over to the next week.
--If there is no winner in week 17 then the previous weekly winner(s) get the remaining pot.
--Individual with best record for the year will get the entire year long pot.  Ties split.
--Weekly pots will be $820  per week (164 players  x  $5  each).
--The year long pot will be $1,510 for first, $500 for second and $200 for third
  (164 players  x  $15 each……less fees (see below)).  All winnings to be paid out at end of season.
--Note that $250 will go towards the web fee, Submit Pick system fee and misc admin costs.
--Sometime after 6:00pm Thursday's at my earliest convenience I will post everyones picks on the web site.
--If a posted game is cancelled for any reason (i.e.: weather) anyone that chose that game will have that number replaced with their lowest available default number.  If they do not have any defaults available then the lowest available odd number will be used.
--YES!!  You can pick both sides of the same game.
--If a mistake is made with your picks it is your responsibility to contact us and share your confirmation email to
show the picks you selected.  This must be rectified by Monday at 8:00pm or posted numbers will stand.
with the mistake.
--Rule for the organizer (that's me).  If I am unable to get sheets posted with everyones picks
before kickoff of first game on Saturday, I will be stuck with my default #'s.
--If anything comes up that hasn't been covered it will go to committee and a precident
will be set for any future occurances.