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2019 Suburban Golf League
at Colonial GC


The 2019 golf league Ryder Cup tourney (our 20th) is in the books. We had a record league member turnout with 15 of thr 20 members participating. The weather held off for the most part and it was another great tourney. Thanks to everyone for coming out.

Another season behind us. This, our 24th season was by far the most fantastic weather throughout. Mom Nature owed us one after all that rain last year

Congrats to Bones & Hop on their 2nd league championship. They won back in 2016 also. Hop won the first hole (# 10), but the rest of the way it was all Bones. He posted a week best gross 37. Steve Irwin & Davey Steibing returned to the championship match for the second straight year, but unlike last year, they fell short. Steve was right behind Bones with a solid gross 38, but Bones got 2 more hcp strokes and got a little help from Hop. It all added up to a winning recipe.

This final week was the second all year where all 20 guys showed up. Nice way to finish the year. As predicted by Hodges & Moyer, Ross & Bubba ran away with the loser tourney with a spectacular team net of 27. Regular season 3rd place team Dan & Billy snuck into second with a team net of 32. Everyone else was bunched up between 33 & 36.....except Kolo & Todd's unimpressive 40.


--> For the first time since 2014 Tommy Murray posted the league best gross average for the season. He knocked 2 time defending medalist, Drew Moyer, from that perch.

--> We proved again that having the highest opponent team net avg is more important then having the best team net avg. The 3 teams that finished with the highest opponent net avg finished in the top 3 spots in the standings.

--> Shout out to Chewie & Brian, Harry & Tommy, and Kolo & Todd for being the only teams to have both partners for 10 weeks.

--> We had 27 skins this year. Tommy Murray led the way with both most skins at 5, and most $$ earned at $82. Davey Steibing & yours truley won the 2nd most skin money as each of us only won a single skin, but each was a sweep of the $60. G. Ross actually won 4 skins, but only $56 to show for it.

--> All the historical links have been updated. You can view them all at the orange links at the top left of this page.

I want to thank everyone for your cooperation with the protocols I worked out with Rick (left below). He thanked me for a great season and I pass that along to all of you.....THANKS!!

Protocol reminder:

First, greens fees will be $14 to walk and $19 to ride for all leageu players.....both Colonial memebers and non-members.

--> The extra 9 holes for members will be your normal 9 hole rate.....period. If you walk, no cost. If you ride $10. That means if you will be riding all 18 holes on league night it will be $29 ($10 for first 9 holes + $19 for league 9).

--> For non-members playing 18 Rick agreed to a discounted twilight rate for 18 holes of $40 which will cover both the non-league 9 and the league 9.

We need to be forthcoming with the pro shop staff and make sure we pay these fees to keep the league at Colonial.

League starting times is the other item. Our regular tee times are 4:00-4:30. Rick is OK if we want to play earlier, but he simply asks that we call the pro shop and make a tee time AND announce that it is a league match.

It is important that we hold up our end of these arrangement. Thanks for your cooperations.