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2019 Suburban Golf League
at Colonial GC


Week 2 is complete, and Bones & Hop stretch their first place lead. They tied the low team net for the week with a score of 31. They rode an individual medalist performance by Bones. He shot gross 35, including a “dunk it” 2 on the par four 14th hole. Hop contributed on exactly 1 hole with a gross bird on #17 on his way to a handicap padding 46. They caught Chewy & Brian with one of the higher team nets of the week to earn an 8-3 victory. That gets them to 15 total pts and an early 2 pt spread over second place. The loss drops Chewy & Brian from 2nd to 7th with 9.5 pts.

Jumping all the way from 7th to 2nd are defending champs Steve Irwin & Davey Steibing by being the beneficiaries of a Ross-less Bubba & Ross. Bubba’s sub couldn’t must much help and Bubba himself was unable to match his stellar 39 from last week. He limped in with a gross 48 and Steve & Davey pounced with a fantastically blah team net of 36 to the tune of a 8.5 – 2.5 win. A very unspectacular day all around in this match, but Steve & Davey rode good timing up the standings.

Another team taking advantage of good timing are Harry & Tommy. They leveraged a 33 team net against a underwhelming team net of 35 from Scott Lindsay & Mike Note. Mike Note struggled with an uncharacteristic gross 43. Lindsay did what he could with a gross 39. The good fortune got Harry & Tommy a 7.5 – 3.5 win and catapulted them from 5th place into a tie for 2nd with 13 total points. Scott & Note drop into a tie for last. They also have the dubious honor of having the lowest opponent team net average thru 2 weeks.

In the week’s truly most mediocre match, rookies Fred Lipkin & Brian Kohler’s team net of 35 bested Kolo & Todd’s team net of 36 for 7 – 4 victory. Kolo’s gross bird on #18 kept the loss from being bigger. Not much else to say about this mess.

In what appears to have been the best combined golf of the week Wilk & Super-sub Nate Kranz tied the week low team net of 31 and still needed a par on #18 to beat Hodges & Moyer’s team net of 32. That’s a tough loss with the 2nd lowest net of the week. The final was 7 – 4 and left them at 5th (Wilk / Swartz 11) and 6th (Hodges & Moyer 10.5) places respectively.

After what was 3, then 4 we finally settled on 5 total skins. Drew Moyer’s gross bird on #10, Scott Lindsay’s gross bird on #12, Bones Jones dunk eagle on #13, Tommy Murray’s almost overlooked gross bird on #16 and finally Kolo’s gross bird on #18. Each were worth $12 apiece. Scott, I put your #12 towards your league fee……you still owe $13.

To help me avoid the confusion from this week I ask all score keepers to include everyone’s gross total on the score card. If I have a typo or misread a score I have a total on your card to validate against my spread sheet.

Finally, as mentioned medalist honors go to the wily veteran, Bones Jones. He shot a sparkling 35 while the next best gross was 38, which was achieved by 3 guys. Of course dunking a 140 yard second shot sure helps your total……..Congrats, Bones!!

We are back on the front next week. No real big early showdowns. 1st place Hop/Bones take on 4th place Kohler/Lipkin. In a rematch of last year’s championship match of 2nd place Steibing/Irwin go against 5th place Wilk/Swartz.

See everyone next week!!

To reiterate league greens fees and protocols:

First, greens fees will be $14 to walk and $19 to ride for all leageu players.....both Colonial memebers and non-members.

--> The extra 9 holes for members will be your normal 9 hole rate.....period. If you walk, no cost. If you ride $10. That means if you will be riding all 18 holes on league night it will be $29 ($10 for first 9 holes + $19 for league 9).

--> For non-members playing 18 Rick agreed to a discounted twilight rate for 18 holes of $40 which will cover both the non-league 9 and the league 9.

We need to be forthcoming with the pro shop staff and make sure we pay these fees to keep the league at Colonial.

League starting times is the other item. Our regular tee times are 4:00-4:30. Rick is OK if we want to play earlier, but he simply asks that we call the pro shop and make a tee time AND announce that it is a league match.

It is important that we hold up our end of these arrangement. Thanks for your cooperations.






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