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2022 Suburban Golf League
at Sportsmans GC

Last updated: 11/5/22

I want to recognize our good friend Luau Bowers. He always told me that this was one of his favorite golf days of the year. This was our first League Ryder Cup without him. R.I.P., my friend. You are and will be missed!!

Thank you everyone for another successful and fun Ryder Cup tourney. Beautiful weather and just a great day on the links. Larry Jones & Greg Ross were the hot hands today and secured first place. They were 2 off the record best total score of 71, but their 73 was more than enough. Next best was a score of 79 reached by 3 teams. Steve Irwin & Greg Moyer's birdie-birdie start was enough to win the match of cards over Mike Hoppes & Dave Steibing and Bill Swartz & Tony Garber.

Individual formats weren't much different. No records, but Bones & Ross won the scramble with a 3 under 22 & the better ball with an even par 23. Wild cards Bill Swartz & Tony Garber posted a tourney best 26 to win the alternate shot format.

Bones & Ross kept their hot hands going with Ross winning the closest to the pin on #5 and Bones doing the same on #17.

There were 6 skins on the day. Steve Irwin & Greg Moyer snagged 2 with birdies on #2 & #13. Chewy Kleman & Dougie Fresh Oglesby also got 2 skins with birdies on #8 & #15. Note that was the first birdie on #15 since we've been playing at Colonial. Rounding it out was Bone & Ross with another birdie on #17, and finally Billy Swartz & Tony Garber had the only par on #16.

Thanks again to everyone for playing. Wish we could bottle this weather for next year. Regardless, I hope to see everyone again next year.



Rain Out

Rain Out