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2021 Suburban Golf League
at Sportsmans GC

Last updated: 11/7/21

What a great weather day for our end of season Ryder Cup tournament. Greg Ross & Mike Hoppes were the big winners of the day with a tourny best 76 for the overall first place. Second place went to Dave Kolojejchick & Leo Zuvich with a score of 78. Justin Lapiska & Greg Moyer were the only other team to score in the 70's with a 3rd place 79 which is good for nothing.

Ross & Hop tied Dave Urbassik & Mike Schraf with a set of 1 under par 24's for the scramble format. Ross & Hopp got the win on a match of cards with their birdie on #1.

We had another tie on the better ball with Luau & Billy Swartz matching Kolo & Leo with even par 23's. Luau & Swartz got the win on a match of cards with their par-birdie start to the format bettered Kolo & Leo's par-par.

Keeping pace with the format ties, Sean Rosler & myself scored 26 on the alternate shot which was matched by Harry Hereshko & Dave Steibing. Our par on #13 bettered Harry & Dave's bogie so we got the win.

There were 6 skins, all birdies. Ross & Hopp on #1, Urbassik & Schraf on #2, Luau & Swartz on #8, Irwin & Grimm on #12, Lapiska & Moyer on #14 and Harry & Steibing on #17. There were also birdies on #'s 4 (a bunch), 5, 9 that were cut.

Thanks to everyone for another great event. Hope to see you all again next year.